Avaya Aura Session Manager CDR Interface

Latest Release: 10.2 (December 2023)


About the CDR Interface

The Call Detail Recording (CDR) interface enables developers to design and build solutions that are capable of retrieving and managing the CDR data files produced by Avaya Aura Session Manager. When the CDR feature is administered on a Session Manager server, Session Manager saves its CDR records to the server's hard drive. Client applications can periodically log on to the Session Manager server and retrieve the CDR data files that are available.

CDR File Formats

Prior to Release 6.3 Service Pack 4, Session Manager provided one CDR flat file format. Starting with Session Manager Release 6.3 Service Pack 4 two new CDR file formats are supported:

  • The new CDR flat file format, which adds new data to the legacy CDR flat file format, notably for user-to-user calls, incomplete calls and Tenant ID.
  • XML format, which provides enhanced call records and enables existing CDR client applications to easily adopt any future changes in the CDR formats.

For information about all three CDR file formats, see Avaya Aura Session Manager Call Detail Recording Interface Guide, which is available for download under Releases for the release of Session Manager you are using.

CDR Data

The CDR data files produced by Session Manager contain two types of data record:

  • date records
  • call detail records

All data contained in the CDR data files is stored in standard ASCII characters.

Date Record

The date record is a timestamp in the CDR data file indicating to the client CDR processing application that every call record that follows in the file refers to the new date.

Call Detail Record

Each call detail record contains data about a particular call, including:

  • Time of call
  • Duration of call
  • Dialled and calling number
  • Bandwidth
  • Call condition: extremely long duration, tandem call, call from a SIP phone
  • Originating and terminating SIP entities
  • Calling and called party IP address
  • etc.

For detailed information about the CDR interface, see the Avaya Aura Session Manager Call Detail Recording Interface guide, available under Releases for the release of Session Manager you are using.