Avaya Aura Session Manager

Latest Release: 10.1.3 (May 2023)


DevConnect supports application development using the following Avaya Aura Session Manager interfaces:

Call Detail Recording (CDR) Interface

The CDR interface enables developers to design and build solutions that are capable of retrieving and managing the CDR data files produced by Session Manager.

Personal Profile Manager (PPM) Web Services

The PPM Web services enable the integration of SIP profile data into custom applications. PPM is a standard SOAP service that exposes a set of APIs to access and manage: contacts; endpoint configuration information; device data; proxy and server information; call history information; fault messages; list of identities; handles used to identify contacts and administered users. For more information see the PPM Interface Specification, which is available under the Releases Downloads tab for the release of Session Manager you are using.

SIP (Infrastructure)

Avaya Aura interoperates with third party equipment based on the IETF SIP standards.

SIP Endpoints

Used by third party SIP endpoints that can register with Session Manager.

SIP Trunks

Used by third party entities that communicate with Session Manager via a SIP trunk.

Session Manager Element Manager Web Services SDK

The Session Manager EM Web Services API Programming interface is one of the Web Services comprising of the System Manager Web Service. The EM Web Service provides programmatic access to Session Manager Dashboard and User Registration status data. For more information see the Session Manager Element Manager Web Service under the Releases Downloads tab.