Avaya Aura Session Manager

Latest Release: 10.1.3 (May 2023)

Release 6.1

Avaya Aura Session Manager Release 6.1 was made generally available in December 2010; Service Pack 7 was issued May 2012. This is NOT the latest release of Session Manager; it is recommended that the latest release be used for new development.

Features in the new release

Avaya Aura Session Manager Release 6.1 includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Call Detail Recording (CDR) records have been expanded from 106 to 108 characters to accommodate the new Bandwidth field.
  • Fully SIP redundant core provides active-active N+1 redundancy with up to 10 Session Manager instances in an enterprise.
  • Supports up to 250 Survivable Remote Session Managers that can be administered with System Manager.
  • Enhanced scalability with a collection of Session Manager instances supporting up to 100,000 users in the entire network.
  • Supports direct SIP connectivity with Presence Services and allows Avaya one-X® Communicator, Avaya Flare™ and 9600 Series deskphones to be presence enabled.
  • Provides centralized converged video and voice call admission control with bandwidth sharing.
  • Interconnects Communication Manager and Communication Server 1000 in a star based topology and provides multiple feature support for SIP and non-SIP endpoints.

Release history

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Developer Documentation

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