Avaya Aura Session Manager

Latest Release: 10.1.3 (May 2023)

Release 7.0

Avaya Aura Session Manager Release 7.0 was made generally available in August 2015 as part of Avaya Aura Platform Release 7.0; Feature Pack 1 (Release 7.0.1) was issued in May 2016 as part of Avaya Aura Platform Release 7.0.1; Servicee Pack 2 (Release was issued in Dec 2016 as part of Avaya Aura Platform Release This is NOT the latest release of Session Manager. The latest release is recommended for new development.

Important The following end of sale and end of support dates have been announced:
  • End of sale: October 14, 2019
  • End of support: December 14, 2020
Additional information about the end of sale and end of support dates can be found here. For all new development, Avaya recommends that developers use the latest Session Manager release.

Features in the new release

Release 7.0.1

Session Manager 7.0 Feature Pack 1 introduces the following new features:

  • Ability to set "No Mutual Authentication" (NONE), "Soft Mutual Authentication" (OPTIONAL), or "Hard Mutual Authentication" (MANDATORY) for SIP devices.

Release 7.0.0

The initial Session Manager 7.0 release includes the following new features:

  • SNMP automatic alarm clearing for Session Manager alarms: Session Manager will now automatically send an SNMP notice when an alarm has been cleared.
  • SIP message compaction: Session Manager now includes the capability to remove non-essential headers and pararmeters from SIP messages.
  • Emergency call notification: the Session Manager Adjunct Emergency Location Server has been enhanced to provide information about which of a user's registered devices were used to make an emergency services call.
  • Maintenance mode state: to support deployment and maintenance of large numbers of Branch Session Managers, non-operational Session Managers/Branch Session Managers can be set to “Maintenance Mode”.
  • End-to-end encryption identifier: Session Manager and Communication Manager now support the ability for SIP endpoints and clients to display an indication that tells the user whether the signaling and the media is secure end-to-end.
  • Licensing: Connection licenses are no longer required; instead, a single system level license is required for each Session Manager/Branch Session Manager instance.

For more detailed information about these new features, see the Release Notes available under the Downloads tab.

Release history

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Product Overview

See Chapter 8 of the guide below for additional information abourt Call Detail Recording on Session Manager:

Note that the PPM WSDL includes deprecated methods. Only those methods described in the Specification document are functional and supported.