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Avaya Aura® SIP Enablement Services


DevConnect provides historical information and development resources for the following SIP Enablement Services interfaces:

Personal Profile Manager (PPM) Web Services-based API

The PPM API enables integration of SIP profile data into customer applications. PPM is a standard SOAP service that exposes a set of APIs to access information in following areas: Contact List APIs, Access Control List APIs, Terminal Data APIs, Service Location APIs and Maintenance APIs. PPM adds value by enabling developers to access and update a phone's profile on SIP Enablement Services through custom applications (for example: custom SIP phone development, web based application etc).

SIP Trunks

Used by third party entities that interface with SIP Enablement Services via a SIP trunk.

SIP Personal Information Manager (SIP PIM) Customization Templates

SIP PIM provides templates to customize end user web interface look and feel. It uses the Smarty templates library and supports internationalization using language files. SIP PIM adds value by creating a unified look and feel for all users across the customer's enterprise to access contact information.

SIP Endpoints

Use by third part SIP endpoints, such as SIP deskphones, that can register and be used with SIP Enablement Services.

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