Avaya Aura System Manager Routing Web Service

Latest Release: 10.1.3 (May 2023)


The Routing RESTful Web service enables the creation of custom clients that can manipulate System Manager routing administration data. Developers can use the Web service an alternative to using System Manager's built-in Routing graphical user interface. The Web service can be used to get, query, add, modify, replace and delete all routing administration data, namely:

  • Adaptation rules for PBXs connected to Session Manager
  • Dial patterns that can be assigned to network routing policies.
  • SIP domains for which Session Manager is the authoritative session management network element.
  • Locations and location patterns that are used to group SIP entities with different dial plans and to manage bandwidth.
  • Network routing policies.
  • SIP entities that are part of the network, such as Session Manager instances, Communication Managers, Session Border Controllers, SIP trunks, etc.
  • Entity links between Session Manager and between a Session Manager instance and other SIP entities.
  • Time Ranges.
  • Regular Expressions.
Important Note The Web service can only be used for provisioning changes: it cannot be used for dynamic, call processing application or real-time modifications. The following resources are available to help developers use the Web service:

Avaya Aura System Manager Routing Web Service SDK

The SDK includes includes JAXB mappings, javadoc for the JAXB model classes, a programmer guide and code for the following sample applications that can be run as JUnit tests:

Adaptation Example
Demonstrates how to adminsister adaptation rules.
Dial Pattern Example
Demonstrates how to adminsister dial patterns.
Domain Example
Demonstrates how to adminsister SIP domains.
Location Example
Demonstrates how to adminsister locations and location patterns.
Query Example
Demonstrates how to perform routing data queries, using query strings.
Common Example
Demonstrates other commmon routing administation tasks.

Avaya Aura System Manager Routing Web Service Programmer Guide

The guide describes the Restful interface, how to set up a Session Manager for testing, use of browser tools, the content of the SDK, how to adminster routing data using the Web services, how to use the sample applications, etc.