Avaya Aura System Manager User Management Web Services

Latest Release: 10.1.3 (May 2023)


System Manager provides a set of RESTful Web services, known as the User Management Web services, which enable the development of custom clients that can provision users in System Manager. Developers can use the Web services to create applications that:

  • Add user profiles, including communication addresses and communication profiles. Communication profiles may include the Session Manager profile, Communication Manager endpoint profile, CS 1000 endpoint profile, Avaya Aura Messaging profile, CallPilot messaging profile and B5800 Branch Gateway endpoint profile. New user profiles can also be associated with groups and roles.
  • Update user profiles, including addresses, communication profiles, groups and roles.
  • Manage the contact list and private contacts associated with a user profile.
  • Retrieve a summary list of users based on search criteria.
  • Retrieve complete user profile details based on a user's Login Name.
  • Delete user profiles.

The following resources are available to help developers use the Web services:

Avaya Aura System Manager User Management Web Services Client SDK

The SDK includes code for a sample Java client and XML Schema Definitions (XSDs):

Contains the client configuration files: config.properties and client.properties. The property files specify configurations such as System Manager server name, user name, password and others.
Contains the required dependency JARs for the sample Java client, such as jersey-bundle-1.4.jar, jsr311-api-1.1.1.jar and jaxb-impl.jar, asm-3.1.jar.
Contains the RESTful Web service sample client source code.
Contains the XML Schema Definition XSDs for reference. The XML inputs for the Web services API are based on these XSDs.
JavaSampleClient /build.xml: An ANT script that compiles and builds a sample client component for execution.

Avaya Aura System Manager User Management Web Services Programmer Guide

The guide describes how to set up a development environment, run the sample Client and write client applications.