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Avaya BotConnector Snap-in

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Release 3.7

Avaya BotConnector (formerly Chatbot) Snap-in Release 3.7 was made generally available in December 2019. This is the latest release of this Avaya Breeze snap-in and is recommended for new development.

New in the 3.7 Release

Avaya BotConnector Snap-in 3.7 has introduced the following new and enhanced features:

  • Plug-in or adaptor can store messages and any additional information related to a conversation session. BotConnector will maintain this session across multiple nodes in a cluster ensuring high availability of the session.
  • Integration with multiple Bot engines at the same time while directing different sets or types of conversations to different plug-ins based on business requirements.
  • Ability for admin to provide 'username', 'password' and 'secret key' that a plug-in may require to connect to an external bot engine through the three new password fields introduced in configuration of each plug-in.
  • Plug-in access to interaction-id and context-id for each conversation request coming from the Avaya Oceana solution. Plug-in will also have access to Avaya Oceana Core Data Store Cluster (OCDS) IP and can send requests to OCDS to directly retrieve information about the context related to the conversation/interaction.
  • Customization of the Avaya Oceana WebUI chat client to share additional information, such as menu information and URL information. The additional information is sent in the “extraInfo” field of the message object.
  • Centralized logging mechanism to locate the root cause of any issue that can occur in the Avaya Oceana solution component.

For more detailed information about these features, see the Avaya BotConnector Snap-in Reference, which is available under the Downloads tab.

Compatibility and Interoperability

Avaya BotConnector Snap-in Release 3.7 interoperates with the following Avaya product releases:

  • Avaya Automated Chat 2.0
  • Avaya Breeze Platform 3.7
  • Avaya Aura System Manager 8.0
  • Avaya Oceana Solution 3.7
  • Avaya Engagement Designer 3.7