Avaya Co-browsing Snap-in Interfaces

Latest Release: 3.8.1 (April 2021)

Co-Browsing Javascript API

The Co-Browsing Snap-in exposes a client-side Javascript API that enables developers to create Web pages that support co-browsing for agents and customers.

Co-Browsing operations

The following operations are supported for use in agent Web pages:

  • Request a new co-browsing session
  • Join an existing session
  • Request or release control of an existing session

The following operations are supported for use in customer Web pages:

  • Initialize the customer for a co-browsing session.
  • Request a new co-browsing session.
  • Join an existing session.
  • Grant or revoke control of an existing session.
  • Pause and subsequently resume an existing session.
  • Logout of an existing session.

For detailed information about the Co-Browsing Javscript API methods and associated events, see the Developers and API Reference Guide available in the Sample Client zip file under Releases for the release of the Co-Browsing Snap-in you are using.