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Message Recording Snap-in

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DevConnect supports application development using the following Avaya Message Recording Snap-in interfaces:

Message Recording APIs

The Message Recording Snap-in supports REST and Java APIs that enable developers to include message recording capabilities in their solutions.

Message Recording operations

The following operations are supported by the REST and Java APIs to define how messages are recorded:

  • Set the address of a user's endpoint device.
  • Set the location of the initial prompt to be played to the user.
  • Set the digit to be selected to start recording.
  • Set the maximum duration of the recording.
  • Set the digit to be selected to end the recording
  • Set the location of the prompt to be played asking users to review, re-record or save the recording.
  • Set the digit to be selected to review the recording.
  • Set the digit to be selected to re-record the message.
  • Set the digit to be selected to accept and save the recording.
  • Set the maximum numbers of re-records attempts.
  • Set the URL where the message is saved on an HTTP server.
  • Delete a recording at a specified URL.

Message Recording Task in Avaya Engagement Designer

The Message Recording task is available in Engagement Designer when both snap-ins are deployed on Avaya Breeze™. The task can be added to workflows to include message recording in business processes.

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