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Message Recording Snap-in

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Product Overview

Avaya Message Recording is an Avaya Breeze snap-in that enables developers to include message recording capabilities in their solutions. The snap-in provides capabilities that allow a solution to initiate a call to a user and prompt them to record a message. The user can then optionally review, re-record and save the message to an HTTP Web server. A separate part of the solution can subsequently retrieve and broadcast the message: Message Recording does not support message retrieval or broadcast.

End of Sale & Support Notice

Effective June 30th, 2020, Avaya Message Recording Snap-in is End of Sale and End of Support. This snap-in will reach End of Services Support on December 31st, 2020.

For More Information


  • Developers can use the snap-in's REST or Java API to access message recording capabilities.
  • The Message Recording SDK includes Java libraries, a sample application and API documentation.
  • Message Recording includes an Avaya Engagement Manager task that allows message recording to be incorporated into business workflows.
  • The Message Recording snap-in is available free of charge and does not require a license.

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