Avaya Aura Presence Services Snap-in

Latest Release: 10.1 (December 2021)

Release 10.1

Avaya Aura Presence Services Release 10.1 was made generally available in December 2021. This is the latest release of the Presence Services Snap-in and is recommended for new development.

New In Release 10.1

Avaya Aura Presence Services 10.1 includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Support for Symantec Endpoint Protection and Microsoft Defender ATP (Linux) antivirus applications.
  • Ability to subscribe to receive the presence of external contacts.
  • Reply to third-party API requests for report containing metrics information.
  • Support for nine additional enterprise directories.
  • Ability to send the attachment with messaging facility for Cisco federation.
  • Support for Android device push notifications for android devices.

Release history

Generally Available

End of Support Jul. 2018 (view notice)

  • 6.2 (May 2013)
  • 6.1 (Apr 2011)

Release Notes

Product Documentation

Support for the LPS API has been discontinued with Presence Services Release 8.1. Developers are encouraged to use the ReST API included in the PS Connector SDK available under Downloads > PS Connector .

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