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Avaya Real-time Speech Snap-in

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Product Overview

Avaya Real-time Speech is an Avaya Breeze® (fka Avaya Engagement Development Platform) snap-in that facilitates interactive speech searches on active voice calls. The snap-in provides a set of RESTful Web services that enable developers to incorporate real-time speech search capabilities in their solutions.

End of Sale & Support Notice

Effective July 31st, 2018, Avaya Real Time Speech 3.1 Snap-in – including all earlier releases - are End of Sale and End of Support. This snap-in has reached End of Services Support on October 30, 2018.

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The Real-time Speech Snap-in can be used to:

  • Create, store, update and delete speech search queries. Queries may be simple phrases or incorporate multiple phrases with time-based and logical conditions.
  • Start and stop speech searches on specified calls using specified queries. A search may include the voice channel of either or both participants.
  • Subscribe to receive notification of call events, which can be used to trigger the start or termination of speech searches, and of query matches that are identified during a call.
  • In addition, Business Analysts and other non-developers can use the Avaya Collaboration Designer Snap-in to create business process workflows that include real-time speech search capabilities.

Real-time Speech tasks in Collaboration Designer
Real-time Speech Search tasks in Engagement Designer

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