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Product Overview (continued)

In the digital era, lines of business leaders need solutions to differentiate and drive performance. Customers typically complain that the UC clients offered in the market place are inflexible, don’t fit their businesses processes and the Unified experience is different on every device. Up to now creating customized clients or integrating communication functionality into an existing application is costly to create and support and outside of the reach of most enterprises.

Avaya Client SDK provides customers and developer partners a common, developer-friendly Software Development Kit that allows developers to quickly build innovative user experiences based on the full reach of Avaya Unified Communications, Collaboration and Multi-touch capabilities. Any and all functionality Avaya can integrate into its own clients and applications is available to developers. Using this level of powerful integration, developers can mix and match functionality which up to now have been silos in the Unified Communications and Contact Center space.

Partners can now quickly build solutions that:

  • Target specific vertical solutions
  • Provide differentiated service offerings
  • Address critical business issues
  • Create their own brand exposure

Key Benefits

  • A common set of APIs that allow third parties to develop innovative and differentiated user experiences. The same APIs are used by Avaya to create its own client applications, including Avaya Equinox and Avaya Oceana Workspaces clients. This level playing field maximizes the value that third party developers can bring to their customer who utilizes Avaya solutions.
  • An SDK that extends across traditional boundaries of Unified Communications and Contact Centers, enabling developers to mix and match knowledge workers, agents, database look up, screen sharing and analytics functionality into completely new unified user experiences.
  • Simplification of the development process by abstracting the communication and application infrastructure into developer friendly APIs. No specialised communication protocols knowledge required.
  • Support on multiple platforms allowing common user experience to be built across Mobile (Android, iOS), Desktop (Windows, Mac) Operation Systems and Web based applications (JavaScript).
  • Integration of unique business applications across verticals.
  • Quick Extension and integration through Avaya Breeze, workflow automation, and Snapp Store eco-system.

Package Structure

The Avaya Client SDK is structured as a set of packages which allows developers to mix and match functionality to create their own unique experience. These packages are:

  • Communication Services: Provides the essentials required to integrate voice, video, IM, presence, contact search conferencing and collaboration.
  • Meeting Management Services: Provides the service required to schedule and manage meeting schedules.
  • Recording Management Services: Provides recording and streaming services.
  • Desk phone Services: Exposes to developers the Avaya Vantage device level functionality such as the Vantage on-hook / off-hook handset services, and its message waiting lamp.
  • Customer Interaction Services: Provides all the elements to create a multi-channel (Voice, Video, Chat, SMS and email) agent and supervisor experience.
  • Customer Interaction Utilities: Provides additional Customer Integration functionality such as email and chat services.
  • Data Store Services: Provides access to the Avaya Breeze Context Store Snap-in services. This is the in-memory database primarily used to track the customer journey.
  • Sharing Services: Provides access to the Avaya Breeze Co-Browse Snap-in. This allows agents and customers to share their screen.

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