Avaya Client SDK

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My First Project

If you are new to JavaScript development, start by downloading and installing the IntelliJ IDEA. The Sample App that is provided with this documentation has been built and tested using IntelliJ IDEA and that is why this software is recommended. However, you can use any other IDE which you feel comfortable with.

Sample App and Sample Conference App

Communication Services Package provides two samples, the Sample App and the Sample Conference App. The latter is limited to only making Equinox conference calls, doesn't support the Presence and Messaging Services, incoming calls, but implements the Whiteboard Sharing feature. This guide will continue with the Sample App as an example.

Running the Sample App for the first time

Once you have IntelliJ IDEA installed on your PC, follow steps below to build and run JavaScript Communication Package Sample Application:

  1. Open the sample project in IntelliJ IDEA through File > Open menu item. From the dialog window select the following project folder: sample\CommunicationSampleApp
  2. Contrary to the other platforms, JavaScript Sample App do not require any build process.
  3. Open up the index.html file in your desktop browser (preferable Chrome) for running the Sample App.


Configure services and start working with features

Once you have completed setup of your development environment and have confirmed the Sample App runs on your device, you are now ready to configure services and start using working with features. The Communications SDK for JavaScript can be used in a number of different product environments.

These articles will walk you through the information needed for each SDK service and where to get that information...

What to do next...

With the Sample App running on your device and your service configuration details in hand, you are now ready to begin the process of learning how to integrate communications features using the Communications Package for JavaScript into your application.

The following is a recommended list of articles to get you started: