Class: AuthenticationInfo


new AuthenticationInfo()

Creates an instance of AuthenticationInfo that contains information for AvayaCustomerServices SDK to manage
authorization requirements when communicating with backend services.


enabled :boolean

Used as a boolean flag to indicate if authentication is enabled. If enabled is true, the token provider will
attempt to fetch tokens (listed in this.tokens) from the token collection. These tokens are used by the rest
provider and notification provider to authorize requests to backend services.

  • boolean

tokens :Array.<string>

List of tokens to use. Used by the token provider when attempting to fetch tokens from the token collection.

  • Array.<string>

whitelist :Array.<string>

Contains a list of white-listed URLS. No tokens will be fetched by the rest provider or notification provider
to authorize a request if that request URL matches an entry in this array.

  • Array.<string>
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