Avaya Client SDK

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Startup Sequence



Activation (i.e. agent.activate()) is the first action that must be carried out. It represents the creation of a client session object on the server.

When an Agent has been activated, they can then start / receive direct (i.e. non-Contact Center) voice interactions (only if activated on a profile with a Voice channel).

Note: for v3.2.2 and before - there is only 1 profile supported in Oceana, so not passing a profileId will work as the default profile will be used by the server. If you do pass an incorrect profileId, this will render the Agent unuseable in Oceana until the UAC Snap-In has been restarted.


When an Agent is logged in (i.e. agent.login()) they are then available for Contact Center work (i.e. Work can be routed to them), and they can go 'Ready' / 'Not Ready' etc..


Capabilities will indicate the current capability of an Agent to perform an operation - i.e. 'canLogin', 'canLogout', 'canDeactivate' etc. - So, when an Agent is activated the Agent.capabilites might be - canLogin: true, canDeactivate: true, etc.