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Team API


Retrieve an instance of the Team API from the Client Session object using:

var team = clientSession.createTeam();  

The Team object


Retrieve Members

Retrieve an array of all TeamMembers using:

var members = team.getMembers();

Retrieve Agents

Retrieve an array of Agent TeamMembers using:

var members = team.getAgent();

Retrieve Supervisors

Retrieve an array of Supervisor TeamMembers using:

var members = team.getSupervisors();

Listening for Events


The TeamMember object

The TeamMember object is a representation of the individual member of someone on the logged in Agent's Team, be it an Agent or a Supervisor


Get State

To retrieve the state of the TeamMember, the following syntax is used

var state = member.getState();

Get Interactions

To retrieve an Array of Interaction, the following syntax is used

var interactions = member.getInteractions();

Listening for State change Events

If you wish to be notified when a specific event has happened, you can listen for granular events.


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