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Avaya Co-Browsing Session Information

Using the SharingServices Package, you can easily get the Avaya Co-Browsing Session information.

The method to retrieve the Avaya Co-Browsing Session information is obtained from the CobrowseSessionInfo object.

Retrieving Avaya Co-Browsing Session information

To get the complete Avaya Co-Browsing session data, use the getCustomerData() method. This method returns the CobrowseSessionInfo object.

AvayaCoBrowseClientServices.Base.CobrowseSessionInfo cobrowseSessionInfo = _cbinstance.getCustomerData();

To get the the Customer name, use the getCustomerName() method.

String customerName = cobrowseSessionInfo.getCustomerName();

To get the Agent control state, use the getAgentControlState() method.

String controlState = cobrowseSessionInfo.getAgentControlState();

To get the Customer authcode, use the getCustomerAuthCode() method.

String customerAuthCode = cobrowseSessionInfo.getCustomerAuthCode();

To get the cobrowse state, use the getCobrowseState() method.

String cobrowseState = cobrowseSessionInfo.getCobrowseState();

To get the reason when a Customer disconnects the Avaya Co-Browsing session, use the getCustomerReasonForDisconnect() method.

String customerReasonForDisconnect = cobrowseSessionInfo.getCustomerReasonForDisconnect();

To get the passphrase, use the getPassPhrase() method.

String passphrase = cobrowseSessionInfo.getPassPhrase()