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My First Project For Avaya Aura® Infrastructure

If you are new to macOS development, start by creating the AppleID then install the Xcode from Apple App Store. The XCode is free. The Sample App that is provided with this documentation has been built and tested using Xcode, Apple's standard development environment for macOS.

Running the Sample App for the first time

The Communications package Sample App for macOS has been designed for and complied on Xcode 8.0 or later. You can check XCode version by XCode > About Xcode menu item.

About Xcode

Once you have Xcode installed on your Mac, follow steps below to build and run macOS Communication Package Sample Application.

  1. Open the sample project in Xcode through File > Open menu item. Select following project file.
  2. Now you have Sample Application Project ready for build and execution. Select Product > Build menu item. Make sure that your application builds successfully.
  3. Click on Run for running Sample Apps to confirm that your development environment and test device is setup correctly.

Build for macOS

Configure services and start working with features

Once you have completed setup of your development environment and have confirmed the Sample App runs on your Mac, you are now ready to configure services and start using working with features. The Communications SDK for macOS can be used in a number of different product environments.

These articles will walk you through the information needed for each SDK service and where to get that information...

What to do next...

With the Sample App running on your device and your service configuration details in hand, you are now ready to begin the process of learning how to integrate communications features using the Communications Package for iOS into your application.

The following is a recommended list of articles to get you started:


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