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Avaya Control Manager Web Services


The Avaya Control Manager Web services enable the development of client applications that integrate with the Control Manager Provisioning Server to manage users, agents, extensions, skills and other entities across an Avaya contact center environment. Actions performed using the API are recorded in the Control Manager audit log.

The Web services operations supported for managing agents, users and other contact center entities are listed below:

Agent management operations:

- Create agent from template
- Update agent AIC parameters
- Update agent
- Update agent skill assignment
- Update agent team assignment
- Update agent virtual group assignment
- Update Communication Manager agent parameters
- Delete agent

User management operations:

- Add user application and role
- Create user
- Update user
- Update user campaigns to view
- Update user groups to view
- Update user locations to view
- Update user skills to view
- Update user Vector Directory Numbers (VDNs) to view
- Update user vectors to view
- Update user virtual group assignment
- Remove user application and role
- Delete user by username

Other entity management operations:

- Create extension from template
- Update extension
- Delete extension
- Create skill from template
- Update skill
- Delete skill
- Create VDN from template
- Update VDN
- Delete VDN

In addition, the Web services support an extensive range of getter methods that return information about agents, users, system properties, dial plans, etc. For details of all supported operations, see the API Guide, available for download under Releases for the release of Avaya Control Manager you are using.

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