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Avaya IP Deskphones Development Tool & Configurations

Avaya IP Deskphone Faceplate Designer

The Avaya IP Deskphone Faceplate Designer enables you to quickly and easily design customized faceplates for Avaya 9600-series IP Deskphones.

The tool, built using Adobe AIR, allows you to choose basic themes, assign colors, as well as add and manipulate logos/graphics. The tool outputs JPG images for use in ordering custom faceplates from PF Technologies.

Sample Image

Faceplate image


Avaya IP Deskphone Faceplate Designer is an Adobe AIR-based utility for creating mock-ups of custom faceplates for Avaya 9600-series Deskphones. Custom faceplates allow enterprises to extend brand awareness and/or key information (such as emergency contact numbers) to one or more locations in their business.

The current version of the designer tool supports only the 9641G W/O Faceplate Deskphone (Material Code 700480635). When launched in April 2015, the 9641GS W/O Faceplate Deskphone (Material Code 700509981) will also support faceplate customization. The 9641G W/O Faceplate material will transition to the 9641GS W/O Faceplate material in 2015, with the 9641G W/O Faceplate material becoming discontinued and the recommended substitution material being the 9641GS W/O Faceplate. Please see for transition notices forthcoming in 2015. The faceplate design tool also allow designs for discontinued models such as the for the Avaya one-X® Deskphone 9620, 9630/40, and 9670 models to be created, HOWEVER, faceplates are NOT available for discontinued models. Faceplates can only be customized for the two material codes identified: 700480635 and 700509981. No other phone material codes support at this time.

Avaya IP Deskphone Faceplate Designer features:

  • Use standard single or two-color themes provided by the Faceplate Designer as starting points for custom designs
  • Easily adjust primary and secondary colors, Avaya logo colors, and button test colors
  • Upload and manipulate custom graphics or logos:
    • Incorporate up to 4 graphic elements into designs.
    • Change position of graphics.
    • Rotate and resize graphics.
    • Color match primary or secondary faceplate colors from imported graphics.
  • Export completed designs as JPG images

Ordering Custom Faceplates

Custom faceplates are ordered directly from a third party, PF Technologies, and NOT through Avaya.

Please contact Bill Rice , (602) 243-6293 X-25.

Avaya DevConnect does not offer procurement options for custom faceplates.

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