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Avaya IP Deskphones eBook

Mastering Avaya one-X® Deskphone Application Development


Download your free edition of the eBook:

About the eBook

Mastering Avaya one-X Deskphone Application Development book coverIf you are a business analyst, system designer, application developer or just have a general interest, this DevConnect eBook provides an ideal introduction to the world of application development for Avaya one-X® deskphones.

After reading the book you will have a good understanding of what deskphone applications are and what they can be used for. In particular, you will learn about the additional roles that Avaya SIP and H.323 deskphones can play over and above being an in-call communications device, including:

  • Acting as an information hub for out-of-call, unsolicited content pushed to the telephone by an application, including audio and visual messages.
  • Requesting and displaying web content generated by an application.
  • Acting as the user interface to browser-based web applications.

In addition, developers can create applications that offer customized content and branded "look-and-feel" of the deskphone user interface, allowing it to be tailored for specific users, locations, use cases and events.

The eBook tells you how cost efficient, quick and straightforward it can be to add value to your organization by creating applications that leverage the full range of capabilities provided by an Avaya telephony system.

eBook Contents

Mastering Avaya one-X® Deskphone Application Development provides an introduction to application development for Avaya IP and SIP telephones, including architectural concepts, capabilities and development tools. This preview book comprises an introduction and the following information:

Chapter 1: Avaya IP Deskphone Application Development Overview
Discusses the significance and potential uses of IP deskphone applications in various environments, provides an overview of the various types of applications that can be created and looks at the features of the available Avaya IP deskphone models and firmware releases.

Chapter 2: Pushing Messages and Other Content to Avaya IP Deskphones
Describes the development of applications that push various types of content, to IP deskphones, including audio messages and web pages. The chapter includes a description of the Push architecture as well as information about each of the available Push types and how they are implemented by applications.

Chapter 3: Using Subscription Services and Global Variables
Describes the use of subscription services and global variables to allow applications to access information about the deskphones in the target environment.

Chapter 4: Customizing the Avaya IP Deskphone User Interface
Describes how the display content and look-and-feel of the deskphone user interface can be customized by an application. Additionally, the chapter looks at how customization can enhance the user experience; the ways in which user interfaces can be customized; and how customization can be applied.

Chapter 5: Developing Web Applications for Avaya IP Deskphones
Describes the technologies supported by the deskphone web browser, the capabilities of the browser, how web content and applications are created, and the ways in which users can access web pages.

Chapter 6: Avaya IP Deskphone Application Development Tools
Describes the Avaya PushSDK, Avaya one-X® Deskphone XML Designer and other development tools provided by Avaya to help developers create IP deskphone applications.

Chapter 7: Application Scenarios
Provides examples of how the various capabilities described in the book can come together to provide practical solutions in real‑life applications.

Release News

Latest Releases

96x1 SIP 7.1.10
(Jun 2020)
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96x1 H.323 6.8.4
(Jul 2020)
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96x0 SIP 2.6.17
(May 2017)
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96x0 H.323 3.2.7
(Aug 2016)
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