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Avaya IP Deskphones Sample Applications


About The Sample Application

The AvayaTwitter sample application utilizes Web Markup Language (WML) and Wireless Telephony Application Interface (WTAI) tags to display Twitter stream information to the web browser provided with Avaya 4600 and 9600 series IP and SIP deskphones.

AvayaTwitter is coded in PHP. The sample application uses the Twitter API to periodically pull recent "tweets" posted by "followers", and format and display these messages via the deskphone browser. The sample application also demonstrates the use of WTAI tags to allow the user to save contact information for a specific Twitter contact to speed dial on their phone. The sample application also provides an administrative utility for enabling access permissions to the AvayaTwitter application on a phone-by-phone basis, using the Avaya Push API methods.

NOTE: The AvayaTwitter sample application was validated using the public Twitter API as of May 2009. Twitter reserves the right to modify this API at any time, and users of AvayaTwitter may need to update this sample application to utilize current Twitter API calls and arguments. Avaya does not endorse or warrant the use of any Twitter services, and users of the Twitter API are responsible for any Twitter Terms and Conditions governing its use.

Target Avaya Platform

The application functionality utilizes:

  • Avaya 9600 Series IP & deskphones with SIP software supporting the Push API


In order to run this application, you will need the following:

  • At least one Avaya 9600 Series IP deskphone and an Avaya Aura® Communication Manager against which to register. Avaya SIP phones will also need Avaya Aura SIP Enablement Services or Avaya Aura Session Manager for registration.
  • A standard Web server configured to run PHP.
  • A Trusted Push Server (TPS) and Push Initiator (PI), which may be obtained as part of the Avaya PushSDK.
  • A Twitter user account

Sample Application Downloads