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1100 Series IP Deskphone SIP Software Release 5.0

SIP Release 5.0 for Avaya 1100 IP deskphones was made generally available in December 2020. This is the latest release of SIP software for installation on Avaya 1100 Series IP deskphones and is recommended for new development.

Important The following end of sale and end of support dates have been announced:
Avaya IP Deskphone Models: 1120E, 1140E

Features in the new release

SIP Release 5.0 for Avaya 1100 Series IP deskphones can be installed on Avaya 1120E and 1140E IP Deskphones only.

SIP Release 5.0 for Avaya 1100 Series IP deskphones introduces:

  • Support for bridged line appearances
  • Exclusion feature button
  • Call pickup feature buttons, including group, directed and extended call pickup
  • Malicious call trace button
  • Support for automatic callback (Ring Again)
  • Feature button labels
  • Multilevel precedence and preemption
  • Support for auto-provisioning and deskphone firmware download from Avaya Aura Device Services
  • Support for Centralized Call History
  • Support for additional fields in the Personal and Global Address Book

For more information about what's new in SIP Software Release 5.0 for Avaya 1100 Series IP deskphones, see the Readme file available under the Downloads - Release Information tab.

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