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Avaya IQ Data Export Web Service


About the Data Export Web Service

Avaya IQ provides a read-only data export capability that includes a programming interface implemented as a standard SOAP/WSDL-based Web service. Developers can use the Web service to extract data from the IQ database for reuse in external applications such as wallboard displays, workforce management programs, etc. All historical and real-time data in the Avaya IQ tablespaces is available for export.

Developers can create custom client applications that interface with the Web service and run custom reports. A special set of data export report templates and supporting parameter reports are provided for this purpose. Data export users open the report templates in Avaya IQ Report Designer and create custom reports that address their specific data needs. The custom reports can then be executed either synchronously or asynchronously through the Avaya IQ Data Export SDK. The report data can be exported in either CSV or XML format.

Developers can use the Data Export web service to extract data from the Avaya IQ database and use it in external applications for purposes such as:

  • Displaying real-time key performance indicators (KPI) in wallboard and dashboard systems.
  • Providing workforce management data to agent scheduling and adherence algorithms.
  • Using contact center metrics as input to call routing algorithms.
  • Providing detailed data to analytics applications.

Data Export SDK

The Data Export SDK provides resources to help developers use the Data Export web service, including:

  • Instructions for configuring and accessing the Data Export web service on the IQ Report Management server.
  • Web-based documentation, including the Data Export Web Service Specification and Data Export Programmer Guide.
  • Java classes for the web service.
  • Ant build files to compile and run a sample Java client.
  • A sample Perl client that uses the Data Export web service.

DevConnect members can download the Data Export SDK for the release they are using from the appropriate Avaya IQ Release Contents topic.

Important: Use of the Avaya IQ Data Export SDK to access data on an Avaya IQ system requires a license for the Data Export feature on the system from which data is being exported. This license is available for purchase through your Avaya representative or business partner.

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