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Avaya IQ

Release 5.3

Avaya IQ Release 5.3 was made generally available in September 2016 as a Controlled Introduction for existing customers with Multi-Host Software Only Deployments; Service Pack 1 (Release was issued in February 2017. This is the last release of Avaya IQ.


The following end of sale and end of support dates have been announced:

  • End of sale: May 22, 2017
  • End of support: July 1, 2021

Release 5.3 is the final Avaya IQ release. Additional information about the end of sale and end of support dates can be found here.

New In This Release

Avaya IQ Release 5.3 includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Support for RHEL 7.2.
  • Support for Oracle
  • Support for Java 8 update 92.
  • Tomcat upgrade from 7.0.52 to 7.0.69.
  • Talend Upgrade for ETL jobs to 6.1.1.
  • Security fixes.
  • Support for TLS 1.2.
  • WebLM Upgrade to support RHEL 7.2

The Avaya IQ Data Export SDK has not been updated for this release: the edition originally released with IQ 4.2 should continue to be used.

Software Development Kits

Developer Documentation

The SDK download includes Web-based versions of the Data Export Web Service Specification and Data Export Programmer Guide.

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Release Status

End of Sale
Last Release

Release Notes

Release 5.3 SP1 Patch 1
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