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Avaya IX™ Workplace Client


Avaya IX Client SDK External Application API

Originally developed with the primary goal of supporting control interactions for headset vendors, the Avaya IX Client SDK External Application API (formerly Avaya Breeze Client SDK External Application API) will support most desktop applications that seek to implement call controls and to discover calls through JSON messaging. The Avaya IX Client SDK External Application API allows developers to enhance their applications by tapping into capabilities of the Avaya IX Workplace Client (desktop client only) to affect call control requests.

  • When developing an application that uses the External Application API, Avaya recommends that partners integrate their applications with the Avaya IX Workplace Client application first as a reference implementation.
  • The External Application API uses JSON to exchange data with the external application.
  • API capabilities include Make and Receive calls, Add and Remove Video, Hold and Retrieve, and Mute capabilities. A full list of capabilities is defined in the API guide.
  • Special note: The Avaya IX Client SDK External Application API is designed only for desktop implementation. There is currently no API for mobile or other non-desktop implementations

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