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Avaya Equinox® Client

Release 3.2

Avaya Equinox® Client 3.2 was made generally available in July 2017; Feature Pack 1 was issued in September 2017. This is NOT the latest Avaya Equinox® Client release; the latest release is recommended for new development.

New In This Release

Avaya Equinox® Client is a soft phone application built upon the Avaya Breeze® Client SDK Communication Services package. This client extends UC services to Mac and Windows Desktops, as well as mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

Avaya Equinox Client Release 3.2 Feature Pack 1 introduces the following features:

  • HTTP Tunneling, which enables access to conferences for clients behind firewalls that block protocols used for audio and video traffic
  • Mobile Link, which enables the transfer your meeting to an Avaya Equinox™ room system
  • Outlook Add-in Delegate, which allows creation of meeting invites on behalf of others who have provided delegate access for their Exchange calendar

Avaya Equinox Client Release 3.2 provides features including:

  • Make point-to-point audio and video calls
  • Join and host conference calls with moderator control features.
  • Allow users to share a portion of the screen, or the whole desktop, an application, or a whiteboard while on a conference call on desktop platforms
  • Perform an enterprise-wide search using Avaya Aura® Device Services or Client Enablement Services on mobile clients and using Avaya Aura™ Device Services or LDAP on desktop clients.

To Download the Avaya Breeze Client SDK External Application API for Headset Integration, and for information about new and enhanced features introduced in Release 3.2, see information available under the Downloads tab.