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Avaya Workplace Client

Release 3.7

Avaya Workplace Client (formerly Avaya Equinox Client) Release 3.7 was made generally available in October 2019; Release 3.7.4 (Service Pack) for Windows and MacOS was issued in December 2019, and Release 3.7.4 (Service Pack) for Android was issued in January 2020. This is NOT the latest release of this product; the latest release is recommended for new development.

What's New in Release 3.7.4

Avaya Workplace Client for MacOS:

  • Support for Microsoft Modern authentication for Exchange calendar service.

Avaya Workplace Clients for Android and Windows:

  • No new features, fixes only.

What's New in Release 3.7

Avaya Workplace Clients for Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows:

  • Avaya Equinox Client is renamed to Avaya Workplace Client.
  • Instant messaging indications when a message is delivered from the server to the receiving client and when a message is read on the receiving client (requires Avaya Multimedia Messaging service on Avaya Aura Presence Services Release 8.1 or later).
  • Encryption of log files.
  • Ability to view data privacy information, including the personal data usage in Avaya Workplace Client, if provisioned by the administrator.
  • Features for Powered by Avaya IP Office Release 11.0.5 or later: Hunt Group feature key support; Mobile Twinning; Toggle status of, and configure destinations for, Call Forward; and Serviceability improvements.

Avaya Workplace Clients for Android and iOS:

  • Support for rating the application, if provisioned by the administrator.
Avaya Workplace Client for Android:
  • Android Q optimizations.
  • Features for Avaya Workplace Client on Vantage: FIPs operation mode support; USB headset call control; Enhancements to OpenSIP local three party conference; and Layer 3 Quality of Service (QoS) tagging.
Avaya Workplace Client for iOS:
  • Support for Apple Push Notifications.

To Download the Avaya Client SDK External Application API, and for more information about new and enhanced features introduced in Release 3.7, see the resources available under the Downloads tab.