Avaya Session Border Controller

Latest Release: 10.1.2 (June 2023)

Compliance Testing

DevConnect offers compliance testing of the following services and solutions with Avaya Session Border Controller (SBC):

SIP Trunk Services

SIP trunk services can be compliance tested for interoperability with Avaya Aura, IP Office and other Avaya platforms, using the Avaya SBC in line with specific reference architectures - see SIP Trunk Interoperability Testing for more details and to download the Guidelines for Service Providers, Partners, and Customers.

When testing SIP trunk interoperability with Avaya Aura Communication Manager and Avaya Aura Session Manager, or Avaya Experience Portal, Avaya requires that the Avaya SBC be included in the tested configuration. This ensures the service supports the Avaya SBC, and is functional, maintainable and secure.

Avaya DevConnect will deliver compliance testing with IP Office with and/or without Avaya SBC. A direct SIP trunk connection to IP Office is supported without the inclusion of Avaya SBC for small single-box IP Office solutions that do not require the same level of interoperability. However these solutions still need to be compliance tested through DevConnect and Avaya always recommends the Avaya SBC be used for termination of SIP trunks.

SIPREC Call Recording Solutions

ASBCE Release 7.0 and higher support the SIP-based Media Recording standard (SIPREC - RFC 6341). Third-party call recording solutions that implement the SIPREC standard can record calls that traverse the Avaya SBC, using the Avaya SBC as the SIP Recording Client. Technology Partners and other test-enabled members can submit their SIPREC call recording solutions for compliance testing with Avaya SBC and Avaya platforms, including the Avaya Aura and IP Office platforms.

DevConnect Technology Partners and other test-enabled members with commercial solutions that utilize or interface with Avaya platforms to provide end customers with key communications and collaboration functionality may be eligible to undertake DevConnect Compliance Testing.

Successful completion of DevConnect Compliance Testing provides Avaya customers, sales/channels and support personnel with important configuration information, published in the form of a DevConnect Application Note, to aid in deployment and troubleshooting of joint solutions.

For more information, and to request compliance testing, refer to the Compliance Testing overview.