Avaya Session Border Controller

Latest Release: 10.1.2 (June 2023)

Release 7.2

Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise 7.2 was made generally available in November 2016. This is NOT the latest release of Avaya SBCE. The latest release is recommended for new development.

Important The following end of sale and end of support dates have been announced:
  • End of sale: November 1, 2020
  • End of support: November 1, 2021
Additional information about the end of sale and end of support dates can be found here. For all new development, Avaya recommends that developers use the latest release of Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise.

Features in the new release

Avaya SBCE 7.2 includes the following new and enhanced features and more:

  • CDRs contain information about each call processed by Avaya SBCE. A CDR is generated for each leg of the call in a half call model known as split CDR
  • Support for deployments in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Enablement of Signal-only encryption license to allow Avaya SBCE GUI signaling encryption (TLS) configurations, but media encryption (SRTP) is not allowed
  • Support for IPV6 and SDP-ANAT for Remote Workers and Enterprise
  • Support for audio sessions transrating, using Avaya Media Server to support transcoding and transrating

For more detailed information about the above releases, see the Release Notes and Overview and Specification available under the Downloads tab.

Release history

End of Support Nov 2021 (view notice)