Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise

Latest Release: 10.1 (December 2021)


DevConnect supports application development using the following Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise interfaces:

Call Detail Recording (CDR) Interface

CDRs contain information about each call processed by Avaya SBCE. A CDR is generated for each leg of the call in a half call model known as split CDR. Partial CDR is generated on call establishment and complete CDR on call termination. Media statistics provide the Avaya SBCE view of RTP feedback quality

SIP Trunk

SIP Trunking allows SIP trunk-enabled enterprises to completely secure SIP connectivity over the Internet through SIP Trunking services obtained from an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP). SIP trunking ensures the privacy of all calls traversing the enterprise network, while maintaining a well-defined demarcation point between the core and access network. In addition, the SIP trunking feature allows an enterprise to maintain granular control through well-defined domain policies securing SIP implementations or servers of customers from known SIP and Media vulnerabilities.

SIP Endpoints

Used by third-party SIP endpoints that can register with Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise.


Management Information Base (MIB) are defined in RFC-1213. Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise supports rfc1213.mib.


Avaya SBCE supports the SIP-based Media Recording standard (SIPREC - RFC 6341). Third-party call recording solutions that implement the SIPREC standard can record calls that traverse the Avaya SBCE, using the SBCE as the SIP Recording Client. Technology Partners and other test-enabled members can submit their SIPREC call recording solutions for compliance testing with Avaya SBCE and Avaya platforms, including the Avaya Aura and IP Office platforms. With release 8.1, Simultaneous Recording through SIPREC Simultaneous setup of recording streams with different recorders as per SIPREC specification. The media streams are independent of each other and one stream can be RTP while other can be SRTP.

Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise Open API

The Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) devices provide APIs that can be used to automate configuration and management of the SBCE devices. Currently, most configuration APIs are supported with more APIs planned in future releases including full configuration APIs, an upgrade management API, device installation API, and more. The API Development Kit is a toolkit to help integrators interested in automating the configuration and management of an SBCE. The toolkit contains Open API schema definitions (both JSON and YAML) and full documentation for the API endpoints, a guide to help get started, and some sample code that interacts with the API. The API development kit and associated developer documentation are available for download under Releases - Downloads - Configuration Open API for the latest release of Avaya SBCE.


Used to programmatically provision information in the Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise.