Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise

Latest Release: 10.1 (December 2021)

Release 10.1

Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise 10.1 was made generally available in December 2021. This is the latest release of Avaya SBCE and is recommended for new development.

New in Release 10.1

Avaya SBCE 10.1 includes the following new and enhanced features and more:

  • Automatic blacklisting of network source IP
  • Support for Dell 3240 Compact hardware platform for mid and small size deployment
  • Support for UEFI boot for fresh installs
  • Ability to change boot mode for Dell servers
  • Support for deployment on the Google Cloud platform
  • Support for vSphere vMotion and Distributed Resource Scheduler

For more detailed information about the above releases, see the Release Notes and Overview and Specification available under the Downloads tab.

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