Avaya Workspaces for Contact Center Elite

Latest Release: 3.8 (September 2020)


Avaya Workspaces for Contact Center Elite is a browser-based application that enables seamless collaboration with customers, partners, and other users within and outside the organization, securely and reliably providing relevant information to agents. The application supports voice interactions, and digital interactions for solutions integrating with Avaya Call Center Solutions.

Avaya Workspaces leverages a dynamic widget-driven layout that empowers developers to quickly build and deploy custom widgets that further enhance agent productivity and the customer experience. A widget is a small piece of self-contained functionality that, generally, would have a UI component. Avaya Workspaces includes a framework that allows the addition of custom widgets that significantly extend the functionality of the application. The widget-based approach enables faster and simpler customization without impacting the underlying communications environment.

Avaya Workspaces brings a common SDK for all clients utilizing a widget-based architecture residing on HTML5, which enables CRM connectors to be easily shared. Essentially it presents as a single-pane UI that can handle multiple interactions in a simple and effective way without requiring agents to assemble information related to a call from other interfaces. The UI is customizable for all profiles (agents, supervisors, administrators).


  • Supports layout and behavior customization using Widget framework.
  • Enables the creation of custom widgets that use the Widget API.


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