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Call Detail Recording (CDR) Collection for CS 1000 and Meridian 1



For all new development, Avaya recommends a modernization path for CS 1000 customer migration that includes Avaya Aura® and Avaya IP Office™ Platforms, and Avaya Cloud Solutions.

Call Detail Recording (CDR) provides information on incoming and outgoing calls for accounting and administration purposes. The information is assembled by software and sent through Serial Data Interface (SDI) ports to any EIA RS-232 compatible output or storage device. Teletypewriters (TTY) and printers are examples of output devices.

CDR information can be output in ASCII serial format to a system terminal, and/or in binary format to a magnetic tape CDR machine for downstream processing.

CDR features are described in detail in the Call Detail Recording Fundamentals Avaya Communication Server 1000 guide, available for download under Releases for the release of CS 1000 you are using.

Release News

Last Release

7.6 SP11
(October 2019)
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DBA Toolkit
(December 2017)
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