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Avaya Contact Center Select

Release 7.0

Avaya Contact Center Select Release 7.0 was made generally available in December 2015; Feature Pack 1 (Release was issued in December 2016 and Feature Pack 1 Service Pack 1(Release was issued in April 2017. Avaya Contact Center Select 7.0 Feature Pack 2 (Release was issued in November 2017. This is the latest release of Contact Center Select, and is recommended for new development.

Important Note: The ACCS SDKs must not be installed on Contact Center Select servers, as they may cause the servers' configurations to become irretrievably corrupted.

What's New in Release 7.0 Feature Pack 2

APIs and SDKs

  • Contact Control Service Java SDK has been reissued. A new Profile has been added for server applications that require control of multiple Contact Center Users within a ClientI instance. No changes were made to the existing interfaces. The JDK version for compilation of the Contact Control Service SDK API and Reference Client has been up-issued to line up with the Java version installed on the Contact Center server in the release.
  • CCT Open Interfaces SOAP SDK has been reissued. There have been no changes to the CCT Open Interfaces web services in this release. The third-party libraries used have been updated, most importantly Apache CXF. This release of the SDK contains a newly built version of the Reference Client using the updated libraries.
  • Enterprise Web Chat (EWC) SDK has been updated and reissued.

What's New in Release 7.0 Feature Pack 1

APIs and SDKs

  • New Contact Control Service Java and JavaScript SDKs: The SDKs provide APIs that support agent and supervisor inbound contact control, plus outbound voice call control for solutions that integrate with Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager. The Java SDK incorporates a Java API, reference client, javadoc and developer guide; the JavaScript SDK incorporates the JavaScript API, API reference documentation and reference client. Get detailed information about the APIs, and download the SDKs, under the Downloads - Contact Control Service SDKs tab.
  • CCT .Net SDK has been reissued. There are no changes to functionally or the DLLs, and therefore no requirement to recomplile existing clients built against the 7.0 release of the SDK.
  • CCMS Programming APIs: The RTD, RSM and HDX SDKs have been updated and reissued.
  • CCMS Open Web Services APIs: The Open Queue API is now supported.

What's New in Release 7.0

APIs and SDKs

The following APIs, and associated SDKs, have been added or enhanced in Avaya Contact Center Select Release 7.0:

  • CCMM Outbound Web service: The Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) Outbound Web service, previously only provided by Avaya Aura® Contact Center, is now supported in Contact Center Select. The Web service enable third-party client applications to access and manage existing outbound campaigns.
  • CCT .Net: The SDK has been updated to .Net 4.5, ACCS SIP is no longer supported with CS 1000 SIP, and the API has been enhanced to enable applications can check when they were last connected and to provide an internal ID for the IContact, IConnection and ITerminalConnection objects.
  • CCMM Web Communications Web services: No API changes. The SDK has been updated to take advantage of Release 7.0 security enhancements.

Product Features

Avaya Aura Contact Center Release 7.0 includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Support for Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Server OS and Windows 10.
  • New hardware appliance (Avaya Common Server Platform R3).
  • Additional reporting templates and Report Creation Wizard tool.
  • Simplified administration for business continuity.
  • Browser-based Agent Controls Application for phone-only voice agents.
  • Security and serviceability enhancements.

Full details of what's new in the release can be found in the Avaya Contact Center Select Solution Description, available for download under the Downloads - Product Overview tab.

Supported Interfaces

Contact Center Select Release 7.0 supports the following sub-set of Avaya Aura Contact Center interfaces:

  • Email Open Interfaces.
  • Multimedia (CCMM) Outbound Open Interfaces.
  • Real-time Data (RTD) API.
  • Real-time Statistics Multicast (RTM) API.
  • Host Data Exchange(HDX) API
  • Multimedia (CCMM) Web Communications Web services.
  • Communication Control Toolkit (CCT).Net API.

Release Information

Product Overview Information

The following versions of SDKs and other developer resources should be used with the Contact Center Select 7.0.1 and higher 7.0 releases:

The following versions of SDKs and other developer resources should be used with Contact Center Select Release 7.0:

Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) Open Interfaces

Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) Outbound Open Interfaces

Email Open Interfaces

The following versions of SDKs and other developer resources should be used with Contact Center Select Release 7.0:

Real-time Data (RTD) API

Real-time Statistics Multicast (RSM) Interface

Host Data Exchange (HDX) API

UNIX ODBC drivers are available from InterSystems Cache.

Release Summary

Release Status

Generally Available

Latest Release

Release Notes

Release 7.0 Release Notes
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