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Avaya Communications Platform as a Service (formerly Zang™)

About Avaya CPaaS

Avaya Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) (formerly Zang™) is a new Avaya public cloud service that offers innovative APIs and applications as a service for communications and collaboration. This global public cloud platform allows developers, partners and customers to build agile and burstable mobile and web applications leveraging the Avaya CPaaS building blocks. It can be consumed via Open rest APIs that support any cloud development environment. Developers can also leverage Avaya CPaaS as a development environment with Avaya cloud workflow studio, which provides easy access to open sourced applications delivered as templates for standard cloud voice and workflow services Visit Avaya CPaaS to sign up and start building your communication application.

Note: Developer support is provided via the Avaya Cloud web site. DevConnect does not offer technical support or compliance testing for Avaya Cloud-based applications.


  • Build and host applications. Leverage CPaaS open APIs to easily build and host your own applications with embedded voice and messaging capabilities. Easily integrate communications anywhere and everywhere your business needs it.
  • Burstable redundancy. Stay up and running with no issue of capacity leveraging the Avaya CPaaS Carrier network.
  • Open integrations. Connect with any external on-premise or cloud communication platform with SIP trunking interoperability.
  • Code options. Build in any language or development environment you're comfortable with to provide seamless access to our OPEN rest APIs.
  • Cloud communications. Access OPEN APIs to build burstable cloud communication apps that all your locations can leverage- IVR, Conferencing, Call recording, messaging engagement, etc.
  • Cost savings. Save as much as 40% over legacy telecom development. No investments in new hardware required.
  • Portal access. Self Service management and ordering at your fingertips through our on-demand developer portal.
  • Realtime messaging. Leveraging OPEN messaging APIs to configure your DID and toll-free numbers to send and receive SMS messages for a cost-effective multi-channel solution that combines voice and messaging under the same phone number.

Contact Avaya CPaaS

  • Developer Success
  • Developer Support
  • Voice:
    • Canada: +1 415.612.8677
    • Eastern and Central U.S.: +1 415.462.4569
    • Western U.S.: +1 415.639.4957
    • LATAM: +1 415.639.4957
    • EMEA: +1 415.462.4569
    • ASIAPAC: +1 415.639.4957

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