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FAQ: CIE Telephony Object Model (TOM) SDK

This document contains the Frequently Asked Questions on Avaya Customer Interaction Express (CIE) Telephony Object Model (TOM) SDK

How can I get a copy of the TOM SDK?

The CIE TOM SDK is only available as part of the Customer Interaction Express product. The SDK is included on the installation DVD image.

After modifying or reinstalling the TOM Client Interface, the changed registry keys didn't take effect under Windows VISTA. Why?

In some special cases Windows VISTA redirect the changed registry keys to the virtual store. In that case the application can only read the registry values from the virtual store and not the original values stored in the normal registry. After reinstalling or modifying the TOM Client Interface setup or the TOM SDK setup, the registry changes which are done during setup wouldn't take effect because the Windows VISTA returns only the values from the virtual store. To avoid this issue please remove the appropriate registry keys from the virtual store indicated by the following registry key:

Which operating systems are supported by the TOM SDK?

  • Windows 2000 SP4
  • Windows 2000 SP4 Terminal Server
  • Windows XP SP1, SP2
  • Windows VISTA

What are the hardware requirements for the TOM SDK?

PC Pentium 3, 1GHz, 512 MB RAM, 1GB free storage capacity.

Which languages are supported by the CIE TOM SDK?

Java, Visual C++, and Visual Basic

Is there a simulator available to run the SDK against for development purposes?

No, you must have access to a CIE 1.0 system configured for voice services in order to use the CIE TOM Client and SDK.

Does the CIE TOM SDK support the email or FAX channels?

No, the CIE TOM SDK only supports the telephony channel.