Intelligent Customer Routing

Latest Release: 8.0 (July 2021)


Intelligent Customer Routing (ICR) builds on the Avaya Aura Platform and Avaya Experience Portal to provide dynamic, personalized self-service based on real-time information about customers and the purpose of their calls. If a customer subsquently opts for assisted-service, their profile and interaction information is used to identify, and is passed to, the most appropriate agent. In addition, ICR enables callers in queue for assisted-service to be given dynamically enhanced wait treatments based on context, customer profile, business rules, existing marketing or sales campaigns, etc.


  • The ICR Core SDK provides a set of Java APIs that can be used to develop a custom routing module that meets specific business requirements.
  • The ICR Configuration Web services enable third-party applications to administer ICR configuration entities such as Business Hours, Holidays, Call Center, Skill and Destination.
  • The ICR Connector provides REST Web services that enable third-party applications to get routing information from ICR Core and set the best routing destination.
  • The ICR Pluggable Data Connector (ICR PDC) enables the same capabilities as are supported by the ICR Connecor to be used in flows built using Avaya Orchestration Designer.


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