Avaya Interaction Center

Latest Release: 7.3.10 (Aug 2021)

Educational Resources

The following educational resources are available from DevConnect to demonstarte and help you learn how to use the Avaya Interaction Center interfaces.

Training Presentation

Download the slides from a training presentation given by the Contact Center Solutions Division in 2009.
Avaya Interaction Center Workflow Designer Web Services (PDF)

Sample Applications

SimpleAgent .NET

The SimpleAgent .NET sample application uses the Intercation Center Client SDK .NET API (C#) to implement several basic agent scenarios such as Login, Agent Availability, Channel, Worklist Management, and Workitem Lifecycle. Learn more and download the sample application

Console Agent Series

The Console Agent Series of sample applications are a set of Avaya Interaction Center Client SDK sample codes using the Java API. All are designed to plug into a simple UI framework that constitutes a "ConsoleAgent", that is, an Avaya Interaction Center agent application that purposely has a very simplistic UI similar to a console or command line program. Learn more and download the sample applications