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Interaction Center


The following Interaction Center interfaces are supported by DevConnect:

Interaction Center Client SDK APIs

The Interaction Center Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK) is a client-side toolkit that enables the development of agent desktop applications that can access core Interaction Center functionality, and the integration of custom applications or custom code on clients or servers. The Client SDK includes the following APIs:

  • Client API: The Client API exposes Interaction Center agent functionality, plus advanced routing and work delivery capabilities, that can be used to develop custom agent desktop applications. The SDK includes .NET and Java libraries for custom application development.
  • Hierarchical Data Store (HDS) API: HDS is a client-side data repository or cache for event data received from the Client SDK Server. This cache reduces the number of calls that custom applications need to make to the server. The HDS API enables client applications to obtain diagnostic information from the Hierarchical Data Store. This diagnostic information provides a snapshot of data of all the objects in the Client API that are cached in the HDS. The data may be used to diagnose errors in custom applications.

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Workflow Designer and Web Services

Workflow Designer is an integrated development environment (IDE) that enables designers to assemble and customize workflows for Interaction Center. A workflow is a series of connected blocks that performs various tasks for decision making and routing. Workflow Designer includes a set of Web services that enable client applications to manage agents, initiate workflows and retrieve data from workflows.
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CSPortal Web API

The CSPortal WebAPI is a client-side JavaScript API included in the CSPortal WebAPI SDK. The SDK is provided as part of Interaction Center Release 7.3.2 and higher, and is not available as a separate download. The API enables Web-based clients to integrate various collaboration options available in Interaction Center, such as Email, LiveChat and Schedule Call Back. For more information about the API, see the CSPortal WebAPI SDK guide for the latest release under the Downloads -> CSPortal WebAPI tab.

Operational Analyst Data API

Operational Analyst serves as a consolidated data store of real-time and historical communications and contact center performance data. A real-time event processing engine collects and processes customer interaction data from Interaction Center as well as historical Call Management System external call history data.
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