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Interaction Center Workflow Designer and Web Services


Workflow Designer is an integrated development environment (IDE) that enables designers to assemble and customize workflows for Interaction Center. A workflow is a series of connected blocks that performs various tasks for decision making and routing. To help designers assemble workflows, Workflow Designer includes:

  • Sample workflows that can be modified to meet the requirments of a particular contact center.
  • System workflows that provide standard functions to search for agents and to transfer contacts.
  • Standard blocks that can be used to create custom workflows.

Developers can use Workflow Designer to create custom blocks for use in workflows, either from scratch or by modifying standard blocks. The functionality of a block is defined using IC Script code, written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), with Avaya- and workflow-specific extensions.

Workflow Designer Web Services

Workflow Designer includes the following Web services:

  • Agent Administration Service: enables client applications to add, delete, and modify agents. The Web service allows working with agent records outside of Interaction Center Manager, to perform tasks such as importing agents from external systems and integrating with third-party customer administration tools.
  • Workflow Service: allows client applications to initiate workflows and retrieve data from those workflows.

In addition, external Web services can be invoked from Interaction Center workflows.

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