The DevLink3 API was introduced in IP Office Release 10.0. DevLink3 supersedes the Delta2 record reporting used by the existing DevLink DLL. The original DevLink DLL remains available in Release 10 to give developers time to transition their existing solutions to DevLink3.

DevLink3 provides a real-time stream of all call events, which can be consumed by client applications and used to track calls throughout their life cycle. The event stream incorporates:

  • Detail records, which are generated when, for example, an extension goes off-hook, an incoming call is received at an extension or a call is answered at an extension. Each record includes call and party/target information.
  • CallLost records, which are generated when a party is disconnected from a call.

The protocol, transport options, etc. used for communication between IP Office and DevLink3 clients are described in detail in the Description of Devlink3 API guide, available under Releases -> Downloads -> DevLink3 for the release of IP Office you are using.