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IP Office Management API


IP Office Management API

Introduced in IP Office Release 10.1, the IP Office Management API consists of a set of REST-based services which enables developers to consume IP Office configuration objects and incorporate configuration changes to an expanded set of IP Office entities into applications. Requests and responses utilize XML and JSON formats.

Read/write access is provided to privileged service users only. There is no separate license required to access and use the IP Office Management API.

The Management API enables queries about and changes to IP Office entities related to:

  • Systems
  • Licenses
  • Users
  • Extensions
  • Hunt Groups
  • SIP Trunks
  • Shortcodes
  • Incoming Call Routes
  • Incoming Line Group IDs
  • Outgoing Line Group IDs

The older Configuration Service remains available in Release 10.1 to give developers time to transition their existing solutions to use the new Management API. Avaya cannot guarantee that future releases of IP Office will continue to support the Configuration Service. Developers are advised to upgrade their integration to the new IP Office Management API as soon as possible to take advantage of the additional capabilities it exposes.

The Management API is available for download from the DevConnect portal, under Releases -> Downloads -> Management API for the release of IP Office you are using.

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