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IP Office™ Platform

Release 11.1

IP Office Release 11.1 was made generally available in April 2020. This is the latest release of IP Office and is recommended for new development.

Note that the Powered by Avaya IP Office (Virtualized) deployments remain at IP Office Release 11.0.4; new capabilities introduced in Release 11.1 are relevant only for Customer Premise Environment (CPE) deployments.

New and Updated APIs and SDKs

  • New MTCTI-3 Web Services API: MTCTI-3 provides third party control, including for groups. MTCTI-3 is available for Linux-based IP Office platforms only, and is not supported for the IP500V2 platform.
  • WebRTC SDK: Version 1.20 of the WebRTC SDK introduced with IP Office Platform 11.1 contains fixes only, and no new features. The WebRTC SDK continues to support Chrome and Firefox browsers. Note that Apple requires use of Safari browser for WebRTC support on iOS; the WebRTC SDK does not include Safari support - so there is no support for iOS with the WebRTC SDK at this time.
  • Avaya IX Client SDK: Avaya IP Office Release 11.1 supports Avaya IX Client SDK Release 4.5.
  • DevLink3 and SMDR: are both updated in IP Office Release 11.1 to include information related to Data Privacy consent changes.

Other new features and enhancements

  • Avaya IX Workplace Client: The Avaya IX Workplace Client is further enhanced for IP Office 11.1 with the addition of support for Single Sign On (Avaya Cloud and Avaya IP Office), On-Premise Messaging via one-X Portal, Centralized Call Logs, Incoming Call Redirection (Call Forward and Twinning) and Hunt Group feature button, and Apple Push Notifications.
  • Avaya Vantage Device: Support for Avaya Vantage Release 2.2 Service Pack 2; all Vantage devices (K155, K165, K175) are supported with both Vantage Connect and Avaya IX Workplace Clients.
  • J100 Series Phones: Support for J100 Release with J139, J159, J169 and J179 devices.
  • Soft Console and Avaya Communicator for Web: Both clients support Instant Messaging via Avaya Cloud (Spaces).
  • B199 SIP Conference Phone: Additional solution integration is available with Avaya IP Office 11.1.
  • CentOS 7: The underlying Avaya IP Office OS is updated to CentOS 7. Upgrading to IP Office 11.1 must be done via Release 11.0 FP4 SP3 ( or later and requires a backup, reinstall, and restore of the platform upon upgrade.
  • Windows Application Server: This component is no longer supported beginning with IP Office Release 11.1.
  • IPO Branch: Supports Avaya Aura System Manager 8.1 and continues the evolution to Web Manager within the Avaya Aura System Manager environment. Check Release Notes for any Avaya Aura System Manager hot fixes that may be required.
  • Subscription: New OPEX commercial offer is available for the Avaya IP Office solution.

For information about these and other new features and enhancements, see Chapter 2 of the Avaya IP Office Platform Feature Description, Release 11.1.

Release Information

Product Overview


Developer Documentation


TAPI and DevLink

DevLink remains available to give developers time to transition their existing solutions. Avaya cannot guarantee that future releases of IP Office will continue to support DevLink. Developers are advised to upgrade their integration to DevLink3 as soon as possible.

Developer Documentation

TAPI and DevLink Drivers

The most current TAPI and DevLink installers are available for download below. Note that the DevLink driver is 32-bit only, and there are no plans to add support for 64-bit.

Software Development Kits

The Configuration Service remains with limited support in IP Office Release 11.1, however it does not support new functionalities introduced in IP Office Release 10.0 and later (e.g. Media Manager). Avaya cannot guarantee that future releases of IP Office will continue to support the Configuration Service, and therefore recommends that developers begin migrating their applications to the new RESTful-based Management API as soon as possible. The new interface exposes additional capabilities and will be the supported interface for such applications over the coming releases.

Developer Documentation

Developer Documentation

The SMDR interface is described in Chapter 23 of the document below:

Developer Documentation

Location API

Developer Documentation

Software Development Kit

Emergency Services Call Alarm

Developer Documentation

The white paper below offers guidelines on best practices in supporting Emergency Services requirements and how specific IP Office features can be used to satisfy those requirements.:

SNMP Package Capture (PCAP) & Management Information Base (MIB) Files

Management Information Base (MIB) Files

Software Development Kit

Developer Documentation

Software Development Kit

Developer Documentation

Developer Documentation

Software Development Kit

Developer Documentation