Release 8.0

IP Office Release 8.0 was made generally available in December 2011; Service Pack 6 was issued in August 2013. This is NOT the latest IP Office release; the latest release is recommended for new development.

Features in the new release

IP Office Release 8.0 includes the following new and enhanced features.

Differentiated mobility:

  • New one-X® Mobile Preferred solution extends UC to Android mobile devices.
  • Integrated presence, IM, visual voicemail, conferencing & more.

Simplified installation and management:

  • C110 UC Module provides on-board applications support for IP500v2.
  • New browser-based Web Manager for IP Office Basic Edition (formerly Essential Edition - Quick Mode).

Desktop application integration:

  • New Microsoft® Outlook plug-in.
  • Enhanced one-X Portal for IP Office adds federated presence with GoogleTalk and MS Exchange calendar mining.
  • integration.

Other enhancements:

  • New Essential Edition license.
  • Expanded IP DECT options.
  • High-quality audio G722 codec support.
  • New Advanced Edition reports and statistics.

Release history

End of Support December 2015 (view notice)

Product Matrix

The Product Matrix provides just about everything you need to know regarding IP Office Release 8.0, from features to hardware configurations, TAPI interface commands to voicemail prompts, protocols to cable pin-outs. The IP Office Release 8.0 Product Matrix is an invaluable resource for any DevConnect Member working with IP Office:

Technical Webinars

The slides below were originally presented to DevConnect Technology Partners during a webinar held on November 30, 2011:


This presentation was originally made available with IP Office Release 4.2 but remain valid for Release 8.0: