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Avaya IP Office™ Contact Center Web Service Collection

Interface Overview


Effective September 30, 2019, Avaya is no longer selling Avaya IP Office Contact Center. Release 10.1 is the final IP Office Contact Center software release. Additional information about the EoS can be found here.

For IP Office Contact Center customers, Avaya now offers migration to Avaya Contact Center Select and Avaya Call Reporting.

Web Services Collection (WSC) comprises a set of Web services that enable the creation of custom contact center agent, monitoring and supervisor applications. WSC is based on JAX-WS and is WS-I Basic Profile compliant (1.2 and 2.0). Any compliant Web services framework can be used to access the WSC Web services. The Web services interface is defined using WSDL; the data protocol is SOAP.

WSC Web Services

WSC comprises the following Web services:

Task Web Service

In WSC terminology, a "task" is a connection between two endpoints (typically an agent and a customer endpoint) and can represent a voice call, e-mail correspondence or chat session. The Task Web service (TaskWS) enables agent and supervisor applications to perform agent and task control operations, such as:

  • Monitor agents and endpoints.
  • Login/logout and sign on/sign off agents.
  • Set agents' availability and pause/unpause them.
  • Set job codes on agent tasks
  • Initiate, answer, hold and drop agent tasks (voice calls and chat sessions).
  • Make consultation calls, transfer calls, toggle between two calls and initiate conference calls
  • Manage the tags assigned to tasks.

UMR Web Service

The UMR Web service (UMRWS) provides access to the email mailboxes of agents and topics.

Monitoring Web Service

The Monitoring Web service (MonitoringWS) enables monitoring applications to get real-time and evaluation data from IP Office Contact Center, including current agent state, average agent break time, number of active agents in a group, current endpoint state, number of active connections in IP Office, etc.

Management Web Service

The Management Web service (ManagementWS) enables supervisor applications to manage contact center configurations by observing and updating variables in IP Office Contact Center.

Directory Web Service

The Directory Web service (DirectoryWS) enables client applications to get references to agents, endpoints and other objects so that they can be monitored and managed by the other WSC Web services.

WSC Software Development Kit (SDK)

The WSC SDK provides resources to help developers build custom client application using the IP Office Contact Center WSC Web services. The SDK comprises:

  • Programmer and API documentation.
  • WSDL for the WSC Web services.
  • Sample Java application.

The SDK is available for download under Releases for the release of IP Office Contact Center you are using.

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