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Avaya IP Office™ Contact Center

Release 10.1


Effective September 30, 2019, Avaya is no longer selling Avaya IP Office Contact Center. Release 10.1 is the final IP Office Contact Center software release. Additional information about the EoS can be found here.

For IP Office Contact Center customers, Avaya now offers migration to Avaya Contact Center Select and Avaya Call Reporting.

IP Office Contact Center Release 10.1 was made generally available in May 2017; Feature Pack 1 (Release was issued in October 2017. Feature Pack 2 (Release was issued in April 2018. This is the last release of IP Office Contact Center.

New In This Release

  • Chats: Supervisors can assign a chat to an agent manually or pick up a chat using the IP Office Contact Center Windows UI. The Windows and Web UIs support chat transfers and emoticons in chat conversations.
  • Automatic Spell Check and Default Font Settings: The IP Office Contact Center Windows UI includes default font settings for email and configuration of automatic spell check for both email and chats.
  • Citrix Support: The IP Office Contact Center Windows UI supports Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop.
  • Call Recording: Recording via Media Manager with IP Office 10.1 is available.
  • Chrome and Web UI Localization: The IP Office Contact Center Chrome and Web UIs support German, Italian, Spanish, French and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Notification Options: The IP Office Contact Center User Interface and Web UI support audio and visual notifications to indicate when you have a new task waiting.
  • Web UI Report Options: Agent Status Reports (ASR) and Contact Detail Reports (CDR) are now supported in the IP Office Contact Center Web UI.
  • Configuration Wizard Changes: The screens in the web administration portal Configuration Wizard have been updated to simplify IP Office Contact Center setup.
  • Reporting Templates and Exports: New reporting templates and export options are now supported, including new counters, default historical templates and report formats.
  • Platform Enhancements: Support is now included for HyperV, AWS, VMWare ESXi 6.5 and Windows Server 2016. This release also supports lower specification requirements for small systems.
  • Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) Integration: With MRCP integration, IP Office Contact Center now supports both text-to-speech (TTS) and automatic speech recognition using the Nuance Speech suite. As in previous releases, the Microsoft TTS engine will also continue to be supported.
  • UI for Windows over SSH Support: The IP Office Contact Center UI for Windows can now be delployed over the internet using an SSH protocol.
  • Web UI Functionality: The IP Office Contact Center Web UI now supports outgoing ACD or topic calls. Mapping of multiple topics to the same agent group is now supported. The 1:1 mapping limitation has been removed.
  • Additional Salesforce CRM Plug-in Functionality: The Salesforce CRM plug-in now supports recording control, topic selection during an outbound call, break time codes, and the Salesforce Lightning experience in addition to the Classic experience.
  • Configuration Enhancements: Add/Move/Changes are now supported from WebAdmin.

For more information about the content of the release, see the Avaya IP Office Contact Center Feature Description available under the Downloads tab.

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