Avaya BotConnector Snap-in

Latest Release: 3.10 (January 2023)


The Avaya BotConnector (formerly Chatbot) Snap-in enables Avaya Oceana chat applications to leverage Avaya Automated Chat SaaS Service as a headless server. This server provides customer self service through text channels, such as Web Chat and Mobile Chat, where users ask questions and receive responses in real time. BotConnector Snap-in is a connector snap-in to Avaya Automated Chat SaaS Service.

BotConnector Snap-in runs on Avaya Breeze premise at the customer site and accesses the Automated Chat SaaS service that is currently available from Avaya as a cloud offering. BotConnector Snap-in can also connect to a third-party chat service and Avaya Messaging Automation. Using the BotConnector Snap-in Plug-in SDK, developers can create their own plug-in and connect BotConnector Snap-in to any third-party engine.


  • The BotConnector Snap-in provides ReST, Java SDK and JavaScript SDK APIs and reference implementations.
  • The SDK enables developers to create a BotConnector Plug-in in Java to handle requests for conversation and text analytics that come from the Avaya Oceana solution or any other BotConnector client.
  • The BotConnector Snap-in SDK enables developers to configure and enable multiple adaptors or plug-ins that allow separate bots to simultaneously handle specialized request types.


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